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Garage Door Winterization & Weatherization

The extreme weather and fast and frequent temperature changes in Colorado is very hard on the steel hardware that operates your garage door.  Parts frequently fail in the cold winter days.  Small problems can disable the door when the steel contracts and gets brittle in the cold.  Doors will often labor to operate, putting extra pressure on weight-bearing parts of the door.  The contracting steel scrapes on each other making it loud and produces friction which makes it harder to run through the track. This extra force and friction reduces the life-span of your door hardware as well as the opener.The winterization package offers a solution to limit the effects of the cold and, if regularly maintained, can maximize the life of your garage door hardware.  
In this package, we will lubricate all the moving steel parts, balance the garage door springs, align the door on the track and against the wall and tighten all the hinges and struts to reduce movement and thoroughly inspect all other parts to make sure it is in good working order.  Don’t get stuck in the cold, call us and be prepared today!
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