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Garage Door Off Track

Important Notice: Do NOT try to fix this yourself as this presents a very dangerous situation and requires the assistance of a trained professional.

There are various reasons why this can happen.  If the door came down on something like a trash can or a bike on one side, this is often the result, but it can happen on its own.  Oftentimes as hardware begins to wear out and before it breaks, there can be enough slack on one cable to slip off the drum causing that side to fall and the other side to rise with the spring tension pulling up only on the other side.  This can be the result of damaged or loose hardware.  To resolve this issue it is important to have someone come inspect the door to determine how it happened and what needs to be replaced to resolve the issue the correct way.  Putting the door back on track without replacing the parts that caused the issue can result in a repeat problem. 
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